The „Kozárd” Trap

The Kozárd Trap is a selective and humane, but at the same time very effective live capture trap that may be employed with success to control the stocks of burrow living predators.

With regard to its favourable price within its category, it may be deployed in a network of sufficient density in order to achieve a regional decrease of foxes or badgers. Compared to other types of traps, it is a further advantage that the Kozárd Trap fitted into an artificial burrow / false earth does not have to be baited at all, because the earths are visited and controlled frequently by territorial foxes during the period of breeding and before cubbing.

One well positioned Kozard Trap is enough to capture the majority of foxes who are trying to occupy the given territory.  By creating a network of Kozard Traps on the shoot the fox populations may be reduced to the density of minimum effect, thus the survival of ground nesting birds and their nesting success will be greatly improved.  Repopulation by juvenile foxes to the trapped area will only start during autumn, after the reproductional season has ended.

The trap is ideal for use in densely populated areas because of its selectivity and humane functioning. In respect of animal welfare it is not negligible, that foxes can be bolted from the false earth without the use of dogs.

The daily control of traps is facilitated by the high visibility signal, but the trap may be fitted with a mobile alarm as well, which decreases the time and cost of operation.